The A’s Need To Leave Oakland

The Oakland A’s are making a bad move in staying in Oakland.  The Oakland Coliseum is a dump and the city of Oakland is not much better.  It is time for the A’s to move on.  In staying in Oakland the A’s are taking the lazy path of least resistance.  Bad move.

I spend three years of my teenage days growing up in the East Bay area.  Oakland was a 30 minute drive and I attended high school baseball tournament games as well as A’s games at the Coliseum.  It was very unimpressive back in the late 1990’s and it has gone nowhere but down from there.  Oakland also is not a city that you want to spend much time in if you value your safety.  There are plenty of clean cities with untapped fan bases out there.  Here are three suggestions for the A’s relocation in order of best to worst options.  All three cities currently only have one professional sports franchise and could support a second one.

1. Portland – Mariner fans would whine and complain and say that Portland is their territory but Portland is a great sports town with just the NBA’s Blazers to call their own.  This move would keep the A’s on the west coast and would spice up the A’s rivalry with the Mariners who are already a division rival.

2. Salt Lake City – SLC is currently home to the Angels Triple A affiliate the Salt Lake Bees.  The stadium would need to be rebuilt to major league standards but the location is great and the sports hungry fans of Utah have plenty of energy and loyalty to give having only the Jazz to call their own.  The next closest professional teams all hail from Denver.  The Rockies do not have a stronghold at all in the Salt Lake Valley and the spring weather in Salt Lake is not any worse than Denver, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago and the Northeast.  This moves takes the A’s off of the west coast but keeps them out west.

3. Oklahoma City – This one is a long shot.  OKC currently only has the Thunder and Thunder fans have proven to be very passionate and loyal but I don’t know if a second franchise would take hold.  This move would put the A’s way off the west coast and very far from their current west coast fan base.  But it’s a third viable option.

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