NBA Draft Lottery: Odds of Winning the #1 Pick

NBA Draft Lottery: Odds of Winning


Here are up the updated odds of each lottery team actually winning tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery.  The Bucks lead the way with a 25% chance but as I have written about before, the team with the best odds of winning have only won four times and it has not happened since 2004.  If not the Bucks will it be the 76ers?  Maybe.  The Magic?  Possibly.  The Jazz?  That would make the Salt Lake sports talk hosts look too smart so probably not.  The Lakers?  Well, they only have a 6.3% chance of winning but when the Bulls won the lottery in 2008 and selected Derrick Rose they only had a 1.7% chance of winning.  Can you imagine the degree of conspiracy talk that will arise if the Lakers win the Draft Lottery tonight?  And all the talk will originate right here in Salt Lake City, home of bitter, bitter, bitter Jazz fans.  I will not predict who will win the lottery, but I will make one prediction.  The team that wins the lottery tonight will be right back in the lottery next year, unless that team is the Phoenix Suns (.5% chance).  The Suns just missed the playoffs and would have been tied for the #3 seed if they had played in the Eastern Conference.  All the other lottery teams are much more than an unproven 19 year-old kid from being in the playoffs next season. 

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