What I Will Be Watching Instead Of The NFL Draft

Author’s Note:  My co-blogger Adam Stohler is a huge fan of the NFL Draft.  He is going through some professional transition right now and has been silent for awhile on this blog.  This post is a second offensive attack on the ridiculous fervor given to the NFL Draft in attempt to arouse a rebuttal.  We will see how it goes. 

The NFL Draft begins tonight with Round 1 being televised by both ESPN and the NFL Network at 6:00 p.m. mountain standard time (the greatest time zone in America).  Rounds 2 and 3 are tomorrow night with rounds 4-7 on Saturday.  For an inside look at the insanity of televised handshakes, ugly suits and 20 second highlight clips read more here.  I have already made it clear in a past post that I find the NFL Draft unwatchable.  Make no mistake, I will be tuning in for 2 to 3 minutes segments every hour or so but for the most part I will get all the info on the trades, who took who and what my 49ers are up to later tonight and tomorrow morning on my iPad.  I will follow this practice throughout the duration of the Draft this weekend.  There are so many other things to watch that are either real sports or actually entertaining.  Here is a taste of what I will be tuning into tonight instead of the Draft. 

1. NBA Playoffs – Nets @ Heat and Trail Blazers @ Spurs tonight on ESPN 2.  Real games with real professional athletes, not a slew of wannabes on a stage, many of which will not contribute to their teams this season or be cut by mid-August. 

2. Baseball – Giants  @ Dodgers tonight on MLB Network.  The west coast equivalent to Red Sox Yankees, another real game with real professional athletes. 

3. The Big Bang Theory – 7:00 on CBS.  My DVR died on Tuesday night.  I have gone back in time to 2005 and am forced to watch live TV until Monday when DirecTV will be compensating my misery with a free genie and whole-home DVR upgrade.  Until then I am a slave to TV scheduling.  If I need to explain why this show is more entertaining than the NFL Draft you are a lost cause and it is not worth my time. 

4. Episodes 4 and 5 of TURN on AMC.com.  As discussed above, my DVR died on Tuesday taking with it a slew of quality recordings, including two episodes of this new series that I have yet to watch.  AMC.com has saved the day though.  I will be commandeering my wife’s Mac for a couple of hours tonight to get caught up.  I highly recommend this show if you have not seen it or heard about it.  It is a story of the Culper Spy Ring during the Revolutionary War.  If you are a sucker for all things espionage like myself you should check it out.  Infinitely more entertaining than tonight’s Draft. 

Watch the Draft if you chose, but just know, there are much better options out there. 


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