Sports Talk Radio: There Is More Out There Than What Your Local AM Stations Are Offering

If you are completely satisfied with the local sports talk radio shows offered on your local AM radio stations this post is not for you.  This post is for those like me who are not satisfied with the sports radio equivalent of “bunny ear television” and crave more than just listening to the local talking heads.  This post is for those who want to listen about more than Utah and BYU spring football practice and the chances of the Jazz getting a top three lottery pick or whatever the talked to death local sports topics are in your area.  There is a lot to talk about in the sports world right now but you would not know it by tuning into your local AM sports station. 

The local stations here in Salt Lake City do a decent job of mixing in some national shows during the middle of the day when everyone is at work, but the morning and evening commutes (when most sports radio listeners are actually listening) are almost completely local shows.  I prefer my sports at a national level.  I watch my highlights on ESPN and Fox Sports 1, not the local news (I like what is being shown on my TV screen to be the same thing the sportscaster is talking about), and I like my sports talk radio from the likes of Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd and Scott Van Pelt.  Not the revolving door of local guys. 

If you have a smartphone and a non-stingy data plan that allows you to stream live radio on a daily basis there are lots of great sports talk radio apps (that are free) that will bring great sports talk directly to you, provided that you are in a LTE/4G network area of course.  Here is the cream of the crop: 

1. The Dan Patrick Show.  Dan Patrick is the standard by which all great sports talk is measured.  You may be able to catch him on your local AM station (he is on a one hour delay here in Salt Lake) but you can listen live on the Dan Patrick Show App.  Yup, he is cool enough to have his own App.  The Dan Patrick Show is my morning staple, great insights, analysis and guests. 

2. ESPN Radio App.  This App will bring you all the national ESPN Radio shows regardless of what your local affiliate decides to air.  My favorite ESPN Radio show is the SVP & Russillo Show.  It is on in the middle of day but I stream the podcast on my way home from work.  You can also stream podcasts of ESPN shows like Pardon the Interruption a couple of hours after they have aired.  Lots of options with this App.  In the mornings I mix in a little of The Herd with Colin Cowherd but his show is like a heavy narcotic.  A lot can go a long, long, way. 

3.  If you are one of those anti-ESPN fans and you want some options other than Dan Patrick CBS Sports Radio and NBC Sports Radio have you covered.  You can stream live national CBS Sports shows on the free app.  CBS Sports Radio provides the John Feinstein show in the morning.  He has a pretty thick east coast bias as an east coast sports writer but it can be a welcome change of pace to all of the local Utah babble.  You can stream NBC Sports Radio on the free NBC Sports Radio App.  With this App you can get Erick Kuselias and Brian Kenny in the morning and Jon Stashower in the evenings.  These shows provide great national perspective when the spring battle of second-string QB at the University of Utah just is not meeting your sports talk radio needs. 

4.  A local L.A. show that airs in the evenings that I highly recommend is the Petros and Money Show.  This show used to air nationally on Fox Sports Radio until January when it went strictly local.  You can stream the show for free on AM 570 Los Angeles through the iHeartRadio App.  You can also stream national shows from Fox Sports Radio on this app but there are not any national Fox Sports Radio shows that I recommend.  Petros and Money provides a comedic departure from the regular sports talk format.  Now that they are strictly a local L.A. show you have to be able to stomach lots of Laker, Dodger and USC football discussion though, but it is worth it in small doses.  It reminds you that the Utah Utes, BYU Cougars and Utah Jazz are not the only three sports teams in America. 

So there you go, you do not have to be a slave of the producers of your local AM sports stations.  Download these apps and take control of your sports talk radio.       



Posted by Hatch


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