The End Of UnFunny Late Night TV Hosts Is Finally In Sight

The name of this blog implies that not all posts will be purely sports based but that there will be some pop-culture posts as well.  Here is this blog’s first non-sports post. 

David Letterman announced during the afternoon taping tonight’s Late Show that he will retire in 2015.  It is not clear if this is an actual retirement announcement or if Letterman is just waiting for CBS to announce a successor so he can pull a Jay Leno after the new-guy has been on for seven months and reclaim his job.  I for one am hoping that this announcement is real and that after 32 years on the air Letterman rides quietly into the sunset.  In doing so, Letterman would complete what Jay Leno began when he stepped aside for Jimmy Fallon in February; the end of unfunny late night TV hosts. 

Jay Leno and David Letterman were two of the most unfunny guys I have ever seen on television.  The Tonight Show totally redeemed itself in February by replacing the completely unfunny and robotic Leno with the easy going and very funny Jimmy Fallon.  No replacement has been announced for Letterman but it is a very safe bet that whoever the replacement is they will be they will be much better than Letterman.  I know that my co-blogger Mr. Stohler may take issue with my criticism of Letterman since he hails from Indiana but being a hoosier can only get you so far.  If you are going to be the host of a comedic night show being funny is kind of a  prerequisite. 

With Leno gone and Letterman’s departure apparently now in sight late night comedy will no longer be tainted with unfunny hosts.  There are already a good number of funny guys in place, they just were not hosting the main late night shows of NBC (until recently) and CBS. 

Jimmy Fallon has taken the Tonight Show to a new level of laugh-inducing entertainment.  His monologues still are not very strong but his skits (especially the musical ones) and interaction with his cast members and guests is unmatched in late night comedy.  Most importantly Fallon has a broad appeal.  If both my mom and I find the same guy funny that is a pretty good indication that he has a broad appeal. 

Conan O’Brien may not be on a network show anymore but his show on TBS remains very popular with those of my generation that like snarky sarcastic humor.  Conan’s monologues are unmatched by anyone and no one can replicate his goofy body language that comes from his 6’4 ginger frame. 

Jimmy Kimmel, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are also great comedic options.  Colbert is even a possible successor to Letterman.  There are lots of funny late night TV options out there and the imminent end (finally) of Letterman finally means the end of unfunny late night TV hosts. 


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