Be Careful What You Root For

It would not be called March Madness if the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was not full of upsets each year.  We all like to see an underdog make a surprising deep run in the tournament.  We like to give these underdogs the label of “Cinderella” and enjoy watching a small school take it to a big one.  Unless of course it’s our team getting upset.  But if you also like to see quality match-ups in the later rounds of the tournament having too many Cinderellas can create some ugly step-sister type match-ups.  

Twelve seeds Harvard and North Dakota St. pulled off upsets today of five seeds Cincinnati and Oklahoma.  These kind of upsets do make the Round of 64 very exciting and unpredictable but I for one am glad that these two teams are on the opposite side of the bracket and not in the same “pod” where they would play each other in the Round of 32.  Harvard vs. North Dakota St. is not a game that I want to watch.  Instead Harvard gets Michigan St. in the next round while North Dakota St. awaits the winner of New Mexico St. vs. San Diego St.  Needless to say I am pulling hard for the Aztecs.  I would rather watch a home improvement show on TLC than watch New Mexico St. vs. North Dakota St.  

Pulling for too many upsets in the Round of 64 can lead to upset hangover in the Round of 32 and later on.  It feels really good to root for the underdog until you get two underdogs playing each other.  Did anyone really enjoy watching VCU play Butler in the Final Four in 2011? I enjoyed Duke vs. Butler in the final much more.  It’s hard for any team to be an underdog when both teams are underdogs.  To have underdogs you need some traditional powers to stay in the mix.  So be careful what you root for. You can have too much of a good thing, including too many Cinderellas.  



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