Colin Kaepernick Is Not Worth $20 Million A Year…Yet

Yesterday afternoon Mike Florio of provided ten excellent reasons why the 49ers should not agree to a new contract with Colin Kaepernick right now that would pay him $18 to $20 million a year.  I agree with eight of Florios ten reasons.  I don’t agree that the possibility of Jim Harbaugh possibly leaving after the upcoming season is a significant factor in deciding whether to pay Kapernick the big bucks.  Losing Harbaugh would be close to catastrophic for the 49ers but that is a separate issue.  I don’t see another coach coming in and saying that Kaepernick needs to go.  I also think that the media created issue of Kaepernick’s leadership or lack thereof is a non-issue.  You decide to pay the guy based on his on-field performance, which does needs to improve, not because he is or is not a “good leader”, which is very subjective.  

In the end though it doesn’t matter how many reasons you come up with, $20 million is way too much for a guy with only 23 career starts who with the Super Bowl and NFC Championships on the line the last two season has refused to do anything other than throw doomed corner fades to Michael Crabtree and then afterwards insist that he would do the same thing again if given a second chance.  Kaepernick is still the guy for the 49ers at QB and likely will remain so for many years to come but in the mind of this 49er fan, the guy needs to earn his money before the 49ers show him the money.  The 49ers will only benefit from making him earn it.  If Kaepernick earns it than the 49ers are getting a better QB and they won’t have any second thoughts about paying him.  If he doesn’t…well lets just say this 49er fan hopes he does.  



Posted by Hatch


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