Jimmer to Da Bulls

It’s official.  Jimmer Fredette is now a Chicago Bull.  Jimmer made his Chicago debut this afternoon playing three minutes of garbage time and scoring 2 points on 1 of 2 shooting in a complete domination of the New York Knicks.  Given that he hasn’t even practiced with the team since being signed over the weekend after clearing waivers I was surprised he even saw the court today.  But I am glad he did, and as a Bulls fan I am glad that he is on the roster.  I know there are Jazz fans out there that are disappointed that the Jazz didn’t’ sign him but Jimmer will fit in better with the Bulls than he would with the Jazz.  To succeed Jimmer needs to be about the 8th guy on a playoff team where he is asked to come in and provide quick scoring and play decent defense.  Jimmer can do that.  With the Jazz he would be a fan favorite (at least with BYU fans, Utah fans have booed him every time he played in Salt Lake with the Kings) but he would just be another guy on a bad team.  

Knowing my disdain for BYU basketball my wife was surprised that I was happy that the Bulls signed Jimmer.  My response to her was simple, “I don’t care where a guy plays before he plays for my team; when he plays for my time I will cheer for him like any other guy on the team.”  That is a general rule I follow with all of my teams.  I don’t care where the players on my college teams played high school ball, if they are good and contribute to a winning team I am happy to have them there.  I don’t care where the players on my pro teams played college ball either.  I thought Dennis Rodman was a complete freak and disgrace to the game of basketball before he joined the Bulls in 1996, but when he put on that Bulls jersey and contributed to three more championships, two over the Jazz, sorry Jazz fans, I had to throw that in there, I appreciated his services.  That may sound like a mercenary type of attitude, but you know what, sports is about winning.  Anyone who says other wise is trying to sell you something or teaches elementary school.  

Every rule has an exception though, John Starks, longtime shooting guard for the New York Knicks and hated by all Bulls fans in the 1990’s ended his career playing half a season in Chicago.  He was continuously booed by Bulls fans.  I never accepted him as a true Bull.  Years of being a hated rival were too much to overcome.  I would also have a very had time accepting Richard Sherman playing for the 49ers.  I don’t see that ever happening but if it did I would be rooting for a quick trade to get him out of San Francisco.  Some guys are just impossible to root for under any circumstances.  But Jimmer is far from that.  He just happened to make a poor decision in choosing a college team.  I can’t hold that against him forever.  I will be pulling for Jimmer to get some opportunities with the Bulls this season and become a contributing role player in the playoffs. The Bulls need shooters and Jimmer is a shooter.  That is good enough for me.

Posted by Hatch


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